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Total Attorneys: 2019 Review

Total Attorneys: 2019 Review
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Total Attorneys: 2019 Review Review

Total Attorneys is one of the leading cloud-based virtual receptionist service providers. The company is dedicated to helping both solo and small law firms to manage, grow, and develop their business. Its main objective is to assist attorneys to establish thriving law practices, serve clients better, and boost profits without compromising their social lives. It has taken advantage of the internet and the latest technology to create flexible, easily incorporated, and highly accessible services. Total Attorneys offers small law firms an opportunity to access options that are usually available to large practices.

The Good

Total Attorneys helps attorneys in small firms and solo attorneys to manage practices. Most of them lack the resources required to undertake widespread online marketing campaigns. They cannot manage call centers or create custom software. These are essential services that would be out of reach for solo practitioners and small firms without Total Attorneys.

The company offers the technology, talent, and tools that law practices need. It simplifies law practice management. Total Attorneys provides everything a law firm requires to expand. Its services also make it easier for attorneys to work together with their peers and still find time for social activities.

The company understands that clients want to deal with a professional when they call a law practice. Total Attorneys offers highly trained virtual receptionists. The receptionists are specifically trained on how to deal with law firm calls. This company offers flexible telephone answering services. The services are available 24/7 including late into the night. You can also get short-term coverage for the holiday and when offices are closed.

It targets small law practices and solo attorneys and it understands that they have limited resources. This is why it offers cost-efficient options that will ensure business operations run uninterrupted.

The company provides call screening and transfer is based on a customized criteria. This allows you to only spend time on important calls.

This company has a real-time electronic message delivery feature to ensure you do not miss any important business when you cannot use the phone. It is easier to get new clients with their services because your practice is available at any time of the day or night.

Clients who sign up for the virtual receptionist services also get a dedicated toll-free number. There are no set-up fees, expiration dates, or cancellation fees for the services.

The pricing is based on the number of calls made as opposed to minutes. This is a significant advantage because it lowers the cost. Total Attorneys charges $199 for 50 calls and $248 for 50 calls and appointment scheduling.

The virtual receptionists note down your procedures and they follow them strictly during every call. The receptions also inquire before they transfer a call. This ensures you do handle all important calls when you are away from the practice.

Solo practitioners get full service even after you leave the office. The services are convenient especially when you take a sick day or go on vacation.

Total Attorneys offers an appointment setting feature based on your calendar. This is an optional feature that clients can choose depending on their individual needs. The calendar should be accessible remotely to allow the virtual receptionists to schedule your appointments.

The Bad

The virtual receptionists that you get may vary depending on the day. This means that you will not always get the same person to handle your calls. You have to make sure you give clear instructions every day. This allows each receptionist to know how they are supposed to answer your calls and the messages they give to your clients.

The Bottom line

Total Attorneys offers an all-inclusive solution for small law firms and solo practices. Its virtual receptionist services are specifically designed for law offices. This ensures you get individuals who are trained to understand the terms your clients are likely to use when they call. The company’s services are cheaper because you pay for a block of calls and there are no expiration dates. This makes the company a good choice for practices that only get a few calls. There are no contracts and cancellation fees and this allows you to use the services at your convenience. Total Attorneys is a good choice for solo practices and small firms that want to access a variety of resources at an affordable price.

Total Attorneys: 2019 Review, reviewed by Virtual Receptionist on 2014-06-07T20:49:11+00:00 rating 2.6 out of 10

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