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Reliable Receptionist: 2019 Review

Reliable Receptionist: 2019 Review
Good: Well Trained Receptionists, Good Customer Service
Bad: Pay Per Minute Gets Expensive
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Reliable Receptionist: 2019 Review Review

How it works

When you work with reliable receptionist, you have a dedicated person answering your calls; not a recorded message and not a machine. A dedicated team of up to four receptionists is provided for your company alone, meaning they are going to work with you, and not with other clients that need similar services. Your callers are assisted in any fashion you need to assist them, and the receptionists are going to be fully trained in your business, and the type of product line or service that you offer, in order to ensure they are fully understanding of the work you do, and do not provide inaccurate information to the clients that you deal with on a daily basis. Not only does this mean they will take calls and messages, and speak to your clients, it also makes you look more professional as a business owner, as all employees who are working for you, fully understand the business, and are able to speak to any client, no matter what the issues are that they call in to speak about with us.

  • Live answering calls, you are not dealing with a call center, and you are not one out of the many clients the company deals with each day.
  • You have a dedicated service provider, so you are going to be working with one individual who is dedicated to your business.
  • Professional appearance is going to be enhanced, since there is always one person on site to take your calls and speak to your clients for you.
  • Messages are delivered, calls are screened, and you can focus on other important business matter, when you have a dedicated team taking your calls for you and your business.


Industries served

When you choose reliable receptionist for your online virtual office, you will find that all receptionists are fully trained, in nearly any line of work that you are in as a business owner. The company can offer a receptionist team in legal services, accounting and bookkeeping, environmental services, the financial sector and more. If you are a professional business, and if you need to deal with those who are fully in tune with your line of work, and fully understand the services that you have to offer to your customers, you are going to like what reliable receptionist offers, and how well informed your receptionists and the team working for you is going to be.


The pricing you will pay with reliable receptionist is going to be based on the number of receptionist minutes you are going to require each month. So, if you need 200 minutes a month, or 2000 minutes each month, you are only going to pay for the work that is done for you. With no flat fee, but with a customized pricing plan for each client, you are only going to pay for the work that is actually done for you, and you are never going to over pay for work that is not provided to you. In these minutes, you will be paying for answering, for message taking, two reliable voice message boxes are set up, unlimited talk and unlimited voice mail time are also a part of the package. With a low cost, and with more custom fit plans, you are never going to over pay, and you will only be paying for the actual minutes that you use when you need the services that are provided by this team.

You are not only going to pay less for your service needs, as opposed to hiring a full time receptionist, but you are also going to make a far better impression on your customers when you choose to work with reliable receptionist. In addition to being trained in your industry, there are never more than four receptionists that are dedicated to your team. What this means is that they are always aware of your work, of the clients, and of what you are going to be able to provide your clients with. With more dedicated services, clients will trust you more, and over time, you are going to be able to earn new clients as well as time progresses and as you try to make your business grow.

Reliable Receptionist: 2019 Review, reviewed by Virtual Receptionist on 2014-07-31T14:43:36+00:00 rating 7.9 out of 10

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