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Opus Virtual Offices

Opus Virtual Offices
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Opus Virtual Offices Review

The features

With opus virtual offices you are going to receive your own personal receptionist. With the virtual office, you do not have to hire on a full time receptionist, so you are going to save on the price of services that you will be paying to the company. You will have two voice boxes, so you can collect all messages, and important messages will not be missed if your mailbox is full. You also have a corporate address, so clients can send out mail to a corporate location, as opposed to a listed home or other unauthorized address. With virtual offices in nearly every state, regardless of where you live in the US, you can get mail delivered in a timely fashion, and do not have to miss out on dealing with certain clients.

  • Live receptionist will answer calls and take messages for clients.
  • A corporate mailing address, along with fax and phone number are provided to clients as well.
  • Two voicemail boxes are included with a basic service, and voice messages can be converted to email in order for customers to be able to read and see their messages anywhere, even if they do not have phone service when they are on the go.
  • A dedicated receptionist is offered to each customer, so you do not have to worry about missed messages or missed calls, because there is a dedicated person working for you.

A low cost solution

When you choose opus virtual offices, you are also going to pay less for your assistance services. Since you do not have to hire on a full time receptionist, you will save on the cost of running an office. Also, you do not have to own a physical office location. As all mail will be sent to the corporate address, you can save on the monthly cost of owning an office, and can choose to work out of the comfort of your own home instead. Further, you are going to have a dedicated virtual assistant. This means they will be fully aware of your company, how things work, when deadlines have to be met, and you never have to worry about your clients being passed over for other company’s clients. With a dedicated employ working from a virtual location, your clients always come first, and your business is always going to come first as well.

Professional services

When you work with opus virtual offices, you are also going to be dealing with full serviced receptionist services. The workers are not only fully trained in all lines of work, they are also going to have a variety of different types of industry experience. For this reason, no matter what type of business you run, your receptionist is going to fully understand the line of work you are in, and is going to be able to deal with any type of client that you do business with on a regular basis. With fully technological pieces in place, with the right equipment in place, and with the virtual office, your receptionist is going to work from anywhere, and is going to be able to meet all deadlines for you. You are not going to lose clients, you will never miss the deadlines, and you are always going to have someone working on important data and documents for you, when time is of importance.

You do not have to hire on a full time receptionist, simply to have your offices run as smoothly as possible When you choose to work with opus virtual offices, not only do you have a full time dedicated receptionist, you are also going to have your office operate at all times of the day, so you do not have to miss out on important messages and information that your clients need. In addition to being able to run any and everywhere, your virtual worker is also going to cost you far less. Since you are not hiring on a full time staff member to do the work for you, they are going to be able to provide the full range of services, and you are going to pay less since you are dealing with a larger, outsourcing company for your service needs.

Opus Virtual Offices, reviewed by Virtual Receptionist on 2014-07-31T14:38:19+00:00 rating 9.5 out of 10

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