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My Receptionist: 2019 Review

My Receptionist: 2019 Review
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My Receptionist: 2019 Review Review

My Receptionist specializes in virtual receptionist services. The company also provides front office support. Its services are ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Some of the services offered by the company include Point of Sale (POS) tools, processing gift certificates, scheduling appointments and sending reminders, and answering phones. The company exploits cloud technology to offer its virtual receptionist services. Its phone systems are cloud-based and they offer everything a business needs including online fax, call forwarding, advanced messaging and voice features.

The Good

My receptionist offers RingCentral, a cloud based phone system. This is a significant feature because it allows business owners to access their phone system from any location. The system is backed by venture capitalists in Silicon Valley.

The virtual receptionists offered by the company are real people who are highly trained to offer front office services. My Receptionist has a team of professional and committed virtual receptionists.

The company has made it easy for businesses to accept payments for their services. Its MerchantWARE Payment Gateway is a web-based solution that simplifies merchant account management. This processing solution allows a business to manage its merchant account over secure internet connections.

The company also offers MerchantWare Mobile, a feature that allows free real time credit card processing. It is a virtual POS payment application that makes payments easy.

The company provides 24/7 phone coverage. This allows an entrepreneur to focus on business operations. The system offered by My Receptionist ensures you take advantage of all the business opportunities that come your way even when you are not spending time on the phone.

This company has created customized services to suit their customers’ needs. Clients have access to an online scheduling platform. This platform has been used by some of the Fortune 500 companies. The appointment scheduling service includes online booking, e-mail marketing, social media integration, and client management. This online scheduling feature offers all the tools that a business needs to combine its appointment booking processes and receptionist services.

My Receptionist offers appointment reminders for its clients. Missed appointments can be costly for a business. The company ensures that you attend all your appointments by reminding you about them in good time. All you have to do is provide an appointment schedule and the company will do all the work for you. Reminders are sent via email or SMS.

My Receptionist offers different pricing options to suit various budgets. There is a starter package for $100 that offers 70 minutes of virtual receptionist services. Another option is a cruising package for $175 that lasts 150 minutes. Businesses can also choose the express package that is worth $250 to get 235 minutes.

The Bad

The virtual receptionist services offered by My Receptionist are expensive. However, the packages vary in terms of prices and number of minutes. The company targets small businesses and entrepreneurs and the pricing may be out of reach for some of them. In spite of the expensive packages, the services offered are comprehensive. This makes them an ideal option for a business owner who wants to focus on building their company.

The Bottom Line

My Receptionist recognizes and understands the challenges faced by small businesses as they try to run their day-to-day operations. The company understands the struggle that business owners go through as they try to grow their businesses. This is why it offers comprehensive virtual receptionist services to allow entrepreneurs to spend more time on running their business. My Receptionist provides 24/7 services, which means that customers can get assistance at any time.

The company takes advantage of the latest technology to offer virtual receptionist services. Its cloud based phone system is a significant advantage especially for small business owners who are mobile. This feature allows them to access their appointments online from various locations.

My Receptionist goes beyond answering phones and offering front office services. It simplifies payment processes for a business. The company also processes gift certificates. It is evident that the company has thought about all the small yet important aspects of running a business. The company handles all the small details, which makes it easy for small businesses to grow.

The packages offered are expensive but when you consider the value they add to a business, they are worth it. My Receptionist does not require a long term contract and this allows businesses to use the services only when necessary. My Receptionist is a great choice if you need all-inclusive virtual receptionist services.

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