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MAP Communications: 2019 Review

MAP Communications: 2019 Review
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MAP Communications: 2019 Review Review

What is Map Communications?

Map Communications is a nationwide call center provider. Over the years, they have maintained an outstanding record by providing custom solutions for just about any industry. Operating several dynamic call centers from Atlanta to New York, Map Communications offers the industry’s finest virtual assistants and receptionists that deliver only the highest levels of service you could think of. It’s an employee-owned company, which implies that each of the staff isn’t just a mere employee. Thus, he/she has given financial interest in ensuring the success of every customer they serve.

Map Communications offers several solutions that have state-of-the-art contact centers, professional agents that are highly flexible and could easily adapt to any kind of situation, user-friendly automated solutions, highly skilled associates that would only deliver the best things possible, and the industry’s one of a kind call center technologies.

Highly Skilled Virtual Receptionists

Map Communications provides extremely skilled assistants and outstanding services that are focused on delivering the best customer service available at a very affordable price, but without suffering the quality of service that one can receive.

Patching of Important Calls

Map Communications allow patching. Therefore, the receptionists could easily transfer the calls to the subscriber’s telephone line. The customer service representative would jot down the important details from the caller and put the call on hold as he contacts the subscriber’s phone. The moment that the subscriber has been reached and the details about the caller has been given, the receptionist would transfer the call through the subscriber in the event that the client requested for it. Usually, this service is utilized for emergency calls, such as medical practices.

Custom Scripting

One of the many features of Map communications is that they offer custom scripting to their customers. Having the most up-to-date software, enhanced with technical capabilities, they could easily produce highly customized scripts for their clients whenever it’s needed This allows the agents to handle the customers’ needs with ease, process payments efficiently, cancel appointments, prompt response to technical questions, and many more.

Affordable Multi-dispatch

If needed, Map Communications could send the same message to different clients all at once. Likewise, even when the recipients are using different types of devices, rest assured that they’ll still get your message, because it’s usually delivered in a form of email. Best of all, there’s no additional charge for this type of service. It’ll be charged as if the message has been delivered to just one recipient.

Call Forwarding

You could forward your business or personal lines to the toll free 800 number that would be provided. You could also use it to promote, make direct calls, or even both. On the other hand, if you prefer a local number, you could simply advertise the existing local number and just forward it to Map.

Back-up Facilities

With Map Communications, your mailboxes could hold up to 100 voice messages. Likewise, in case a technical problems arise, Map Communications’ IT staff would try to resolve this problem as soon as possible. The highly sophisticated redundancy infrastructure of Map Communications, together with their multiple remote call centers could counteract the problem and provide overflow and redundancy to each other.

Help Desk

We all know that there’s nothing worse than needing help and finding out that you need to wait for hours just to get it. Map Communications knows how frustrating this could be, and that’s the reason why their tech support and help desk services take their jobs to the next level. Making sure that every client would receive help, the moment he needs it. It doesn’t matter if it’s something basic or complicated, their help desk would deliver round-the-clock assistance to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

We can’t deny the fact that pressure every business face today, results to a demand that companies should provide unique, yet effective solutions that would improve customer relationships while maintaining drive operating efficiency. Map Communications is aware of that. That’s why the company strives to provide innovative solutions that would only bestow the optimum level of service for their valued customers. Likewise, these solutions are also flexible enough that it could easily adapt to the demands that every business face. You could say that Map Communications strive to be the nations’ leading answering service that would help multiple industries throughout the country.

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