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GabbyVille: 2019 Review

GabbyVille: 2019 Review
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GabbyVille: 2019 Review Review

GabbyVille receptionist is actually an actual and real receptionist, only that he doesn’t sit at your office. This receptionist will be your front office and will receive and make calls for you regardless of the distance between you and the Gabbonista. Having a receptionist outside your office seems like an awkward thing to do but it really pays. This Gabbonista will offer you all the services an in-house receptionist will such as professionally greet and receive your calls, relay messages without delay, collect important details of your clients on your behalf, and transfer in-coming calls to specific departments. This virtual receptionist service is actually equivalent to the in-house receptionist in your office premises.

The Good

GabbyVille receptionists are very professional when it comes to dealing with your business. Their main priority is to be as friendly and informative as possible. Some people will stick to your company simply because they found a welcoming receptionist.

Calls are screened and the caller will be furnished with all the relevant information they want concerning your organization. The virtual receptionists can gather all the info you require from for instance messages or mail. When calls come in requiring a specific personnel to answer, they will be routed directly to the specified department or personnel. These receptionists will too deliver messages and mails. Calls are answered Monday through Friday 9am EST – 8pm EST. Calls received after hours will be forwarded to a custom IVR which you will have access to.

With the help of GabbyVille’s internal CRM, Gabbonista’s receptionists will be in a position to handle and deal with any kind of inquiries such as existing clients, new clients and hot leads. What’s more? They will route calls as you dictate.

GabbyVille Gabbonista’s are a good option to turn to for your reception. You feel like they are just within your office premises since you can turn to them any time you require their services. You will only need to notify them and they will be all-ears to take your instructions.

Benefits of Hiring GabbyVille Virtual Receptionist Company

Time saving

There are several benefits you as a business owner will gain. Taking it that you receive many calls throughout the day, talking on phone for long will eat up most of your much valuable time. It’s no doubt that your clients’ calls are very important, but you can’t afford to speak on phone all day at the expense of other duties. Assigning this responsibility to GabbyVille receptionists will save you much time.

Reduced costs

As a business owner, you will want to reduce the cost of operations. Human Resource and communication are some of the departments that consume a high percentage of resources. You can cut on these two by hiring virtual receptionists. You only pay for the time that the receptionists are serving you either through answering calls, collecting information or any other task. Therefore, if you are a small company that has few callers and few public relations to do, you will have lesser bills to meet.

“Your clients are our clients”

This virtual receptionist company works under the motto that “your clients are our clients”. Therefore, there is the need to treat you in the best way possible since they understand they are serving more than just you.

To customize your services

At GabbyVille virtual receptionist company, you can customize your services so as to receive exactly the services you want. For instance, you can customize your services to services such as database management and appointment rescheduling.

More than just answering your call

At GabbyVille virtual receptionist company, you get more than just answering your calls. There are a mountain of other services that are extended to clients. Every front office task you think of can be offered to you. Such services include:

  • Gabbonistas can call you to remind you of upcoming appointments
  • Gabbonistas can organize a multi-conference bridge so as to hold a conference with your staff or clients.
  • Customized greetings to your clients. You only need to say the greetings and they will be applied.
  • You can have your favorite or company theme music played act as hold music during calls.
  • You can have business status updated. You only give the kind of status you want updated and they will do it for you.


The Bad

Virtual reception involves dealing with some uncertainties that are beyond your control. Some of these problems include:

  1. The receptionist may have little knowledge of your company
  2. You are not aware of your “front office girl”
  3. You don’t get to know or understand the virtual receptionist so you cannot know their shortfalls


Bottom Line

GabbyVille is therefore a virtual receptionist company worth a trial. You will find a 7-day trial version from the company’s website. This trial version is available for free so that you can try it and find out whether virtual receptionist is applicable to your business. Virtual reception is cost effective and time conscious as you only pay for work done and you don’t spend your time on the phone. If you want to cut costs and get outstanding services, you can opt for this service.

GabbyVille: 2019 Review, reviewed by Virtual Receptionist on 2014-06-07T21:08:19+00:00 rating 9.8 out of 10

2 Reviews for "GabbyVille: 2019 Review"

  1. T. Adames
    November 18, 2015, 12:26 am

    I used this service as a virtual receptionist for my small business. The upside was that it was quick to set up and they offered a good starter plan at $99/50 minutes. The downside was the brutal overage charges ($2.50/minute). They failed to alert me when I reached my threshold—but why would they if it made them more money? I decided to cancel after my monthly bill almost reached $400. I would have appreciated a simple phone call or some form of communication to let me know my usage. Overall, I liked the service, but it seems to be set up for larger businesses that would overlook charges like the ones I was getting. They may not have “hidden” fees but they will mercilessly pummel you with the ones they do have.

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  2. Sarah Lee
    November 2, 2016, 12:21 pm

    $99 for 50 minutes is $2 per minute so I’m not quite understanding how $2.50 per minute for overages is a “brutal” overage charge.

    Personally, I love this company. Great prices compared to other companies I looked into and their service is exactly what I need.

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    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)

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