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eVoice: 2019 Review

eVoice: 2019 Review
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eVoice: 2019 Review Review

For starters, J2 Global Communications owns eVoice. The company behind the famous eFax internet faxing service. Furthermore, eVoice is a company that provides communication and messaging capabilities. Not only to individuals, but to small business as well. The service is capable of routing the incoming calls automatically, irrespective of its location. Likewise, eVoice could assign both a toll free number and a local number depending on your preference. Best of all, they provide both US and Canadian numbers as well.

The Good


Having a user-friendly and refreshing user interface, with eVoice, all the options that you might need is clearly outlined in a simple, yet very effective menu system. Likewise, its features could be compared to other service providers, but it’s more user-friendly compared to them.

Built-in Phone Conferencing Support

With eVoice, you can easily pass information to your attendees and conduct a conference with as many as 95 individuals. Though, eVoice charges per minute & per person, and this could easily add up.

Good Call Quality

The call quality of eVoice could be compared to higher-priced services that belongs in this category. Thus, it encourages the customers to be loyal to their services despite the disadvantages, which would be discussed later.

Mobile Apps

With eVoice, you could access your favorite features straight from your Android, iPhone, or Blackberry device. Likewise, you could easily manage your voice messages and make calls from almost any location. You could access all of the standard voicemail management tools and the following features, such as: voicemail to text, caller ID, call existing contacts using your eVoice number, voicemails search, and speed dial.

Improved 24/7 Customer Service

eVoice has a 24/7 customer support that’s based out of Indiana and Canada. Moreover, they have worked hard to improve their BBB rating to an outstanding B+. Something that should be acknowledged in this area.

6-Month Trial

eVoice offers a trial period of 6 months with 1,000 minutes of calls and 60 voice-to-text message. Most firms could only offer a 7-day trial period. With this, you’ll definitely have significant savings, especially on your first year of subscription.

The Bad

Recording Difficulties/Issues

Perhaps one of the aspects that could frustrate a lot of users is the difficulty of recording your own messages. In case that you want to personalize your greeting, you must record it using your own computer that has a recording software before you could upload it to the interface.

Lack of Features

Another drawback of eVoice would be the number of features provided are very limited, putting them at a disadvantage in a neck-to-neck business environment. Some companies offer the same price, but unlike eVoice, these companies offer internet faxing and conference calling.

Limited Extensions

The basic package of eVoice offers 2 extensions which is not enough for a small business. However, you could always upgrade it, but you need to pay more.

Questionable Customer Service

Even though the customer support works 24/7, it’s difficult to determine their efficiency. You wouldn’t be able to comprehend how well a company handles this kind of concerns until you become their client. Nonetheless, in case a customer complains to eVoice, it is said that the support do their best to put a solution to this.

Limited Incoming Lines

Again, from what you could tell after signing up for eVoice, you’re only allowed to sign up for 2 lines and nothing more. For most companies, this wouldn’t even serve as an issue, but it could be a problem for small business who must maintain a national presence, as well as local numbers across the users that could ring into a single central Virtual Phone System.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, eVoice is known to provide very decent services. However, the extent of its features could be limited if you’ll compare it to larger firms like Ring Central. As for people who are planning to have an upgrade, eVoice offers a $19.94 package. This has 3 extensions and 500 minutes. Likewise, there’s also a $29.95 package, which has 5 extensions and 1,000 minutes.

Lastly, you could say that there would be little (if none) complain if you’ll opt for eVoice. The company will surely meet your expectations. If there’s a real downside with eVoice, that would be the limited number of extensions you could use. Unlike other companies who claim to offer more for the same price.

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