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Cbeyond: 2019 Review

Cbeyond: 2019 Review
Good: Advanced Features and High Security
Bad: No Live Receptionist, Service Delays
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Cbeyond: 2019 Review Review

When looking for a virtual receptionist company to provide off premise reception services for your business, cbeyond should be among your considerations. They provide highly qualified virtual receptionists equipped with efficient noise free communication devices and fast speed internet. They also provide a varied scope of services that will meet the demand of your business. A virtual receptionist basically works for your company as an independent contractor provided to you by cbeyond. However, there exist a few hitches associated with cbeyond services just like any other business.
Here is a detailed review of cbeyond virtual reception services including the good, the bad as well as an overall rating.

The Good

Cbeyond has immense experience in online communication technology and created the first VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol) network. They were also the first company to utilize the session initiation (SIP) protocol connect technology. They created a SIPConnect interface and specification program and therefore hold a vast experience in providing online voice communication services. Cbeyond provides international, long distance as well as local voice services with a dedicated Broadband internet access. Their virtual receptionist services include voicemail, web conferencing, fax to email service, web hosting, managed firewall, IP address among others.

The work of a virtual receptionist mainly involves picking up calls, sending appointment and report emails, answer customer questions through online avenues among many more. Cbeyond relies on training young new enthusiast workers who can quickly adjust to new environments and developments thereby ensuring first response. Their employees are well satisfied with the work atmosphere and this naturally descends upon customer service. The features of their virtual reception involve delivery of voice and data services from a business location to the cloud relieving enterprises off technology burden. They have a private high bandwidth network to ensure efficiency in speed and consequential customer service.

The rates Cbeyond charges for their virtual receptionist services to small and medium sized businesses are not too exploitative. Considering the reduced expense in computers, fixture maintenance, space and electricity, it provides a good option for companies that want fast response to customers at flexible hours. Besides, they are in continuous upkeep with new trends in technology and provide new offers as soon as the staff is trained to deliver them.

Another advantage of using Cbeyond virtual receptionist services is their advanced security systems. Applications and services managed under the data center are aligned with the highest industry security standards (attained SOC-2 audit/ SOC-3 seal). The applications are also offered in real time including on-site set up, seamless 24 hour email and phone support and proactive network monitoring.

The Bad

Cbeyond may have started as the most fancied web telecommunication company accumulating many awards along the way, but the business environment has changed a lot. The high number of young inexperienced workers who rely on on-job training may cause varied problems during their work operations. In addition, the rate at which technology advances means constant adjustments and Cbeyond is more reliant on training to satisfy job requirement rather than work culture. This results in varied responses and inconsistencies.

Another problem is that over the years, Cbeyond has grown and now offers different services including hosted Microsoft exchange, virtual private network, Multinet MPLS among others. This has raised the number of businesses they serve and now monitor over 30 million network components from above 62, 000 customers with only slightly above 2000 staff. Naturally, this causes delays in service delivery and the customer support may not be as efficient as the company once benchmarked it.

The Bottomline

Cbeyond provides many different web based services among them virtual reception to small and medium sized business. It consists of enthusiast employees seeking to develop their career and the on-job training programs are efficient. The experience from over a decade of service delivery means Cbeyond has a better knowledgebase than recently established providers. The communication services are very fast since cbeyond utilizes a private bandwidth network of a dedicated server support. They are arguably deserved occupants of the best service providers list and have received several recognition awards that attest to the same. That is however part of the history and cbeyond should be looking at establishing a sustainable work culture to ensure efficiency in customer support which is their alleged core objective. It is still the better option for contracting virtual receptionist services.

Cbeyond: 2019 Review, reviewed by Virtual Receptionist on 2014-06-07T21:06:12+00:00 rating 3.0 out of 10

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