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Call Ruby: 2019 Review

Call Ruby: 2019 Review
Good: Well Trained Receptionists, Customized Call Handling
Bad: Limited to Office Hours, Expensive
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Call Ruby: 2019 Review Review

Cal Ruby offers genuine meaningful connections through its virtual receptionist services. The company’s virtual receptionists connect your callers only when you are available. If you are unable to take calls, the receptionists send you detailed messages through text message or email. Voicemail messages are also emailed to ensure you get every business opportunity that comes your way. Call Ruby gives you peace of mind when you are away from your desk. It offers you the benefits of a qualified receptionist at an affordable price. The company’s services are designed for businesses that do not have resources to hire on-site receptionists. The services are also ideal for mobile businesses that are not run in conventional office settings.

The Good

Call Ruby offers live phone answering. You can choose to forward an existing phone number or publish the company’s toll-free number on your site. This allows the virtual receptionists to offer seamless phone answering services. The virtual receptionists offer live phone answering services between Monday and Friday from 5:00AM to 6:00PM Pacific Time. They provide vital information to your callers including service descriptions and office directions. The receptionists also route calls to relevant persons and departments within your business.

The company has well trained virtual receptionists who will answer your calls cheerfully. You can choose to include a personalized greeting for the receptionists to use. The receptionists are trained to distinguish between existing and new clients. They also know when it is necessary to transfer the call to you. All the calls are handled according to the instructions that you give. The receptionists will let you know who is calling and connect you if you want to take the call. They connect you live from any location.

This company provides customized call handling. The virtual receptionists gather all the information they need from you before they offer their services. This ensures that all the calls are handled according to your instructions. Call Ruby also makes it possible to set temporary call instructions. The temporary instructions can be used when you want to attend a meeting or busy handling a project. The company allows you to update your whereabouts instantly by phone, email or logging into the member’s area on its site.

Clients can track their usage once they sign up for Call Ruby services. You can use the Ruby Member Services Area to monitor your usage. This allows you to see the number of minutes you have used, messages and caller IDs.

The virtual receptionists offered by Call Ruby can return calls on your behalf. They can help you send messages to your clients and confirm appointments. This is an optional feature that comes at an additional cost.

Call Ruby allows you to determine the specific times when you will use their services. You can forward lines and unforward them at your convenience.

The company offers a 14-day free trial. Once the free trial expires, you can choose from three plans including Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C. Plan A is available for $239 per month and its offers 100 receptionist minutes. Plan B is available for $397 and you get 200 receptionist minutes. Plan C is available for $799 and it offers 500 receptionist minutes.

The Bad

Call Ruby charges per month and only allows a limited number of minutes depending on the plan you choose. This is an expensive pricing plan but the company does offer various benefits that make it worth it. You also have the option of choosing a plan that is within your budget and meets your needs.

Its virtual receptionist services are not available over the weekend and after office hours. This is a disadvantage if you want your clients to reach your 24/7.

The Bottomline

If you are looking for quality virtual receptionist services that will impress your clients, Call Ruby is the best choice. The company offers live phone answering and call transferring services. This means that your clients will not know the difference when you receive a call in or out of the office. The highly trained receptionists know how to determine when a client’s call is urgent and needs to be transferred. They also follow your instructions, which is important if you want personalized phone services. If you want quality virtual receptionist services, Call Ruby is an ideal option.

Call Ruby: 2019 Review, reviewed by Virtual Receptionist on 2014-06-07T21:05:49+00:00 rating 8.7 out of 10

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