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AnswerFirst: 2019 Review

AnswerFirst: 2019 Review
Good: No Extra Cost for Weekends and Holidays
Bad: Expensive, Account Setup Fee's
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AnswerFirst: 2019 Review Review

Answerfirst is a company that offers various types of live call answering services to most businesses. The answering services offered by the company target all types of businesses that use telephones mostly to communicate with their clients. The company has strived to ensure that their answering services for your calls comprise of reliability, performance and value. They also offer these services round the clock to ensure that none of your clients’ calls go unanswered regardless of the time they are made. The professionals receive your company’s calls as if they were in your office, take the message and then relay it to you via text message or email.

The company offers great features to those who use their services such as the call forwarding feature where you as the client specifies when the answering services are used. One may determine on a daily basis on the way the company would handle their calls. The options are either answering all of them, not to answer or only when other lines are in use or busy. They have also embraced the use of social media, which is an essential tool in conducting business today due to the massive returns it offers your business. The customer service staff that are involved with receiving the calls are always available whenever clients need them and very friendly to clients making calls to your business. Answerfirst also allows clients to access their accounts at any time of the day using the web and this sets this company apart from other similar service providers.

The Good

Answerfirst call answering company offers business owners several benefits when they take up their services. Below are some of the advantages associated with using their call answering kind of services;

  • They provide business owners with an easy and cheap option of managing their calls as it is very effective. This ensures that all the clients who call the business get responses and this increases the level of customer loyalty in your business. When customers get a response every time they make an enquiry, they are going to be loyal to your business. Answerfirst assists you greatly as they receive your calls even when you have closed down for the day.
  • There are no extra costs to be charged by the service provider for answering your calls during the weekend or even holidays. They offer their services round the clock for a whole year, unlike other companies that charge you extra for working during holidays and weekends.
  • They can be able to take your orders through the order taking services they have on offer. You would therefore not have to worry about your orders when you return to work.
  • Apart from the answering of calls services, they also offer a variety of other services that could be helpful to your business. For example they have email processing services that are inbound and their agents are able to respond to the emails that you receive. They would do so as per the instructions you give them. They work just like a normal receptionist would in your office except that it is cheap to use these services than hiring a receptionist.


The Bad

There are a few demerits you would most likely experience while using the Answerfirst services and they include;

  • There is a fee charged when one needs to set up an account with them and this could deter some interested customers. They could prefer other answering services providers that do not charge a fee when one needs an account.
  • The main website of this call answering service provider is a little cluttered. This may turn away potential customers while arriving at its homepage.


The Bottom Line

Using the services provided by Answerfirst would offer your business or company a competitive edge over your competitors. The reason being you will always be available to your clients. This is as a result of offering your clients with more communication channels. This ensures that they get timely responses from your end. Even though the service might be costly, it would pay off in the end due to its effectiveness. You would be able to discover your company worth and therefore not sell your services short by choosing a cheaper option. This would earn your company a mutual respect that would build lasting business relationships.

Going social with your business helps you to get in touch with your customers and clients. It enables you to respond quickly to any query or complaint they might be having. Timely responses also go a long way in proving to your clients that you care about them and in return they will always come back. Outsourcing some services like call answering always propels your company ahead of your competition and also establishes and maintains a healthy customer care culture.

AnswerFirst: 2019 Review, reviewed by Virtual Receptionist on 2014-06-07T21:03:46+00:00 rating 7.2 out of 10

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