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Alice Receptionist: 2019 Review

Alice Receptionist: 2019 Review
Good: In Lobby Receptionist Interface
Bad: Unconventional
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Alice Receptionist: 2019 Review Review

Over the years, Alice Receptionist has earned great reputation as a virtual receptionist system which allows the companies to interact with visitors in the lobby through its high-tech communication system. Alice offers its services to almost all kinds of businesses.

The good

One of the key benefits of Alice Receptionist is that the system will allow you to save thousands of dollars annually that you would have to pay to a real receptionist. For the small and medium sized firms, this is indeed a big deal. Most of the companies who have installed the system in their office reported one hundred percent return in their investment comparing the cost of running the system with having a real receptionist in the front desk.

With Alice Receptionist, the employees of a firm and the visitors can interact with each other over video. They also include one way communication facilities where the employees will be able to see the visitors but the visitors won’t see them. If you are concerned about the safety of your employees, this is a great solution to that. With this system, a receptionist or an employee will no longer have to interact with people in person and you can even keep the office doors locked. When someone arrives at the entrance, an employee sitting inside will be able to interact with him or her immediately and when there is proper clearance can unlock the door to allow the visitor to enter.

Alice Receptionist can be operated through an automated system where the motion detector will sense whenever a visitor is on the lobby and will interact with him or her automatically. If you wish, you can use it manually too where an employee will remain connected through the two-way communication system and will be able to interact with people. The Alice client software is a PC based application that allows an individual to receive video calls at the desktop. And software does not consume too much system memory which means even with a computer with average configuration, one can run it without facing any problem.

The information that a visitor will be able to access through Alice can be customized very easily. To increase efficiency, company cards of employees or employee directory can be displayed on the screen so that if a visitor is looking for a specific person, he or she will be able to know if that particular person is available and can even interact directly with him or her. With Alice, a company can also display videos, its official website and relevant maps if necessary. So the system will display all sorts of information that a visitor can possibly require.

Another important feature of Alice Receptionist is that it can be easily configured to run on your internal or external network. The system is very much user friendly so can be installed, operated and maintained very easily. Alice Receptionist can also interact with visitors in other foreign languages including French, Spanish and German. So if you are expecting a system that will allow you to interact with international visitors or clients, you are getting that too.

The bad

Often companies prefer warmer greetings for their clients and potential clients when they arrive at the office. Although Alice Receptionist does allow real people to interact with visitors through their two-way communication system, it still may not be an appropriate solution for people who are highly sensitive and a bit more traditional. In such cases, being greeted by a good looking, smart receptionist might be the best solution. In case of power failure or any kind of system malfunction, the virtual receptionist will become worthless. But considering that most firms maintain backup power systems and have IT experts to maintain the high-tech facilities, this kind of situation can be tackled easily.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Alice Receptionist is an excellent virtual assistant solution that will not only benefit a business financially but will also ensure that the firm’s image of professionalism is completely intact. Although small and medium sized businesses might find the solution more attractive than the larger companies, considering the security aspects, this system can be a sensible choice for simply any firm regardless of its size. Like it was mentioned before, the system is extremely user friendly for both employees of a company where it is being used and visitors. Therefore, people can get accustomed with the system in no time.

Alice Receptionist: 2019 Review, reviewed by Virtual Receptionist on 2014-06-07T21:05:24+00:00 rating 6.9 out of 10

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