How We Rank

Thousands of businesses, especially the small to medium-size ones, find the services of a “virtual receptionist” quite helpful. For one, it ensures that the calls to your business will never go unanswered no matter what.

Likewise, a virtual receptionist service (usually available from call center services) “virtually” controls your office or store phone. Thus, your virtual assistant is actually the one taking your calls from a remote location, such as a call center. In layman’s term, the person taking your office/store calls don’t even need to be at your location.

A lot of business owners are wondering why do they even need to have their business calls handled by an outside company. The answer to that is quite simple. For one, the biggest benefit of using this kind of service is, you’ll be able to save a lot. This is quite true when it comes to a business that’s a sole proprietor, with no employees. Wherein, the independent business owner must handle every aspect of his business. Ranging from meeting with clients, managing the office, and even bookkeeping; because of that, they’re not always available to answer the phone.

Phone calls that go unanswered could ruin the business. That’s why, hiring a virtual receptionist is quite ideal for this “one-man show.” It frees up the owner, allowing him to focus on other parts of running the business and letting his virtual assistant take the calls. Likewise, he doesn’t even need to hire someone to answer the phone. Allowing him to save thousand of dollars every year and a peace of mind that none of his customers would ever be ignored again. The same applies for a business that has a handful of employees. A virtual receptionist service could take the calls whenever the staff is busy doing something else. Also, the owner could use these employees where they’re needed the most without even worrying that no one will answer the calls.

If this sounds good to you, better think of using a virtual receptionist service now. Yet, it’s also important to go through a list of considerations that would help you come up with the right decision, and this is how we rank the virtual receptionist services. Our ranking is based on a total score of 100%. This is divided into categories/segments, where each owning a given percentage of the whole. The following listed areas depict how we rank the companies, as well as the key elements that you should look for when seeking such services.

Appointment Scheduling: 10% of Overall Rating

Most businesses revolve largely around meetings/appointments. With that, the provider should be capable of scheduling the appointments for you and your business. An ideal virtual receptionist service would never let your company miss an appointment as it schedules all of your appointments in real time with the help of an online appointment scheduling system. A virtual receptionist service that has an appointment scheduling service is your communication solution. Usually, it will include an online calendar that could be customized for meeting scheduling and it’ll send email alerts or text notifications if there are new or upcoming appointment for the company.

A virtual assistant must also be equipped with the latest technology to ensure that your business would run smoothly and efficiently.

As much as possible, it’s ideal to opt for a service that has an online schedule-sharing option. With this, both of you and the service provider of your choice would only go online to view the appointment schedule. Likewise, this would be perfect for businesses like dental offices/health care, counselors, lawyers, and many more.

Off-hours Service: 10% of Overall Rating

We all know that not every virtual receptionist service is capable of taking calls during off-hours like late nights and weekends. Nevertheless, for those who are running a business that’s on call 24-hours a day, like a veterinarian or a locksmith, it’s important to have a virtual receptionist service that could take these calls even during the non-standard office or retail hours.

Personal Call Answer Option: 5% of Overall Rating

Some business owners, especially those run by a sole proprietor, could use a virtual receptionist as a form of back-up. With this, it’s important to seek for a provider that has a versatile software, capable of giving the owner an opportunity to answer the calls first. This service would only take the call after a pre-determined number of rings.

Live Answering: 35% of Overall Rating

For a business, it is crucial that every phone call would be answered. Ideally, by a human being and not a computer. With that, it’s important to ensure that the virtual receptionist service you’re eyeing for has this feature. Most companies have a computerized telephone answer software. Though, have you ever considered how much better it would be if your customers would be assisted by a real person on the phone instead? This level of service could be achieved with a virtual receptionist. Likewise, aside from giving a good impression for your business, it’s also considered to be more economical. A person contact and direct interactions with customers is vital if you want your business to be successful. With live receptionist services, businesses could convey a more professional image with a professional touch.

Outsourcing: 10% of Overall Rating

A call center service shouldn’t outsource to a secondary company, or to an off-site employee. It’s important to take this into consideration when in search for a virtual receptionist service. Some services would sign you up, then re-direct your calls to a foreign company, or from a person working at home. This kind of service usually appears to be less-than-professional. There are chances that the virtual assistant would be a non-native English speaker, and there would be background noise of pets or child.

Answering Calls: 15% of Overall Rating

Callers to your business don’t need to know that your phone is being handled by a virtual receptionist from an outside company. It’s ideal to ensure that the virtual receptionist of your company has a call identity software so they could answer your call and use the company’s name.

Competence: 15% of Overall Rating

When choosing a virtual receptionist service, the company must be competent and professional. They should have the ability of subjecting clients to satisfaction by giving high quality customer service and reliable schemes. Likewise, they should also know how to handle the problems that may arise. You wouldn’t want to hire someone who doesn’t have any experience. This would just lead you to worry if they are doing the job, rather than getting the job done. As much as possible, hire someone who could help you focus on important matters. Someone who could take your goals, visions, and business needs.