Hidden Fast Food Ads Targeting Children Causing Health Problems

Hidden Fast Food Ads Targeting Children Causing Health Problems

Ads are everywhere on the internet. You are exposed to ads in social media, games, search engines, emails, videos and even music. To make these ads more cost effective, companies spend boat loads of money on targeting specific groups of people likely to be interested in their ads. Well, it’s no surprise that a study by the World Health Organization revealed children in Europe being showered with junk food ads. Ads marketing sugary, fatty foods that undoubtedly are damaging the health of European children at an alarming rate.

These researchers are urging governments to do more to protect children from hazardous or unhealthy advertisement. They say the absence of regulation in many countries for online advertisement is exposing children more and more to persuasive ads that parents often overlook, or not even see.

“Often, parents do not see the same advertisements, nor do they observe the online activities of their children; many therefore underestimate the scale of the problem,” said the WHO.

A shocking statistic reveals that more than half of all children who are overweight before puberty retain their obesity throughout adulthood. In Europe experts estimate that roughly 25 percent of children in Europe are overweight.

These children are more likely to remain overweight than lose it and have a sharp increased risk for serious life threatening health diseases. Experts are saying that allowing these advertisements to continue will have massive health and economic consequences down the road.

These ads entice children with beautifully designed and entertaining experiences and often give incentive to sharing with their friends.

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