Balancing Professionalism and Friendliness

Balancing Professionalism and Friendliness

What does the word professional paint in your mind when you see or hear it mentioned? Is it a service that is approached in an unemotional way or in a buttoned-up manner? Professionalism does not necessarily have to appear stuffy at all. If some friendliness and some warmth were to be added to all professional interactions, then customers could feel more comfortable and this could lead to wonders in the business.
Below are some easy and quick tips that are capable of softening a professional line that seems hard:

Your email ought to be freshened up by skipping phrases like sincerely and dear when you use email to correspond. You can try to use other openers like Hello Jason or Good Morning Susan which appear friendlier. You should also use closings that appear kind and professional like kind regards and best wishes. The traditional Yours truly and Love closings seem overly personal.

It is advisable to address the customers in the same way they use to address themselves. Unless your customers address themselves using Mr. and Mrs. Terms, you could use their first names to address them. Using their first name usually feels more personal and a familiarity touch is added.

It is also important to put a face to every name, regardless of the fact that most of your business is done via the internet, phone or email to show you are an existing human being. At Ruby, new clients are always welcomed using a notecard that is handwritten and a picture of the people who pick their calls daily smiling. In addition, for instance in the event that a Ruby has an experience with a client which is memorable, they send them a short video. The one minute long video shows the Ruby who just interacted with a certain client via Vsnap which is a service meant for fun. It can be equated to a notecard but in a video format and clients really love seeing the person they were connected to just a few minutes ago.

Recalling past conversations is another great way of making lasting connections. During calls, people always share some things offhandedly that concern their lives. If for example a client were to mention a certain holiday they could be planning to take or a game their kids are involved in, ensure that you take note of it. The next time you have a chat with them, remember to ask them how the game or holiday went along. The customers will be delighted that you recall such information and they will know that you care about them even though you are miles apart from them.

In the quest of being likable, the best path to take would be to put forward your professional foot coupled with being approachable and personable. How well can you balance the friendly professionalism? Share your thoughts with us below in the comments section!

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