Hyperloop One Intends to Build Ultra Fast Transport in Finland, Netherlands and Dubai

Hyperloop One Intends to Build Ultra Fast Transport in Finland, Netherlands and Dubai

Hyperloop One is a system invented by Elon Musk for ultra fast transport similar to a subway system. They signed a letter of intent with governments in Finland and the Netherlands exploring the idea of building their transport systems there.

These transport systems will work by magnetically propelling pods through large tubes at up to 750 mph. With these systems, a two hour train trip would be cut down to just over 10 minutes long and would travel 150km in just 12 minutes.

According to CNBC, Josh Giegel, president of engineering at Hyperloop One say’s their agreement with Finland will explore installing systems in the Nordic region. Starting with a route connecting Helsinki to Stockholm Sweden. He also says no route is definitive at this point.

These letters express the companies intent to explore the feasibility of installing a Hyperloop in each country. If they, and the government of a given country can prove the practicality of installment, work will begin on a “proof of operations facility” which will most likely be a small operational track as a demo.

Tech-savvy professionals working at companies like Nokia in Finland add to the appeal of starting the project in the Nordic country.

Design and Theory


This agreement in Finland was sparked after Hyperloop One reached a deal with similar terms in Dubai. They are working to create a route connecting Abu Dhabi and Dubai in a roughly 12 minute trip. This journey would usually take up to two hours on a normal car ride.

Giegel outlines how the experience is intended to be like from A to B. First you would use an app similar to Uber to flag a car to pick you up wherever you are and take you to the Hyperloop One station. Then you will go to your gate and get into an autonomous driving pod which takes you to the main Hyperloop capsule. This autonomous pod will automatically dock into the Hyperloop capsule and take you to your destination.

The initial concepts of a Hyperloop station are circular and much more efficient than current train stations. Some expressed concerns that traveling at such high speeds would be scary or uncomfortable, but Giegel said there is nothing to be concerned about and that its similar to the experience of flying in an airplane.

“Speeds are similar to an airplane, what you feel is sort of like take off on conventional airline. You are designing this so it feels like an elevator – comfortable, very intuitive, very normal,” Giegel said.

He also briefly stated that traveling with Hyperloop would not be targeted exclusively to the super rich, but he didn’t go into any detail on the exact pricing.

Currently Hyperloop One is building test tracks in the Nevada desert and did a demonstration earlier this year. They hope to show off a fully functional Hyperloop system by 2017 and have several system operational in the next 5 years.

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