Amazons Black Friday Deals Come Early This Year

Amazons Black Friday Deals Come Early This Year

It’s the biggest shopping day in the US, the day after Thanksgiving and market specialists are saying that it’s to be the biggest shopping day ever.

It started as an American tradition, but recently has spread to other English speaking countries such as the UK and Australia, where online shoppers alike can save huge amounts on new items despite the different currency.

Until recently deals for online shoppers would start a week after Black Friday called “Cyber Monday”, but with only marginally better deals than usual promotions, but recently retailers have been selling their products online with the same discounts as you would get in store on Black Friday.

As competition increases so increases the promotions and deals these companies put out on Black Friday. More and more deals start earlier and earlier and it’s staring to look more like “Black November”. This year Goliaths like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Office Depot have all started promoting Black Friday deals early this year.

Amazon however will only be shipping their early promotions to Australia. The silver lining is that their countdown to Black Friday sales are looking exceptionally good this year and last all the way to November 25th.

As with the official date of Black Friday these early bird deals will go in and out of stock constantly so shoppers will want to check up on them frequently to get the latest deals.

Keep an eye out for hot items such as HD Televisions which will sell out very quickly, and Amazon will inform you how short your time is in capitalizing on the deals before someone else beats you to the punch.

If you do miss on on the sales this years on Black November don’t be sad, as The Wall Street Journal published, the very same items will always be available and probably even cheaper next year!

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